About Us

Shivshakti Media & Communication Pvt. Ltd. (STv) being there in the active city life of Varanasi for more than a decade now, comes up with this digital portal to carry its mission of keeping the people of Kashi always up to date with what is happening latest in the city, forward to yet another and yet smarter and yet prompter a level, i.e., the Digital Web Portal and App on your mobile phones...beeping with latest news alerts of your own city to keep you home even when you are away from the city !

We are a team of enthusiasts from all walks of the city, key ones among them being Mr. Ashok Singh, the Manager, STv, Mr. Subhabrata Ghosh, the Technical Head, Banaras Times, Mr Rudresh Kumar Singh, the Unit Head, Banaras Times and Mr Sandeep Mukherjee, the Business Head, Banaras Times.

As awareness for saving the environment and preserving natural resources is increasing every day, need to reduce consumption of papers is being talked about in every round table. Hence, the call for a Digital Platform which is more authentic with live videos, real pictures and shared experiences of people. Hope this News Portal and App will soon become an essential feature of every hand-held device in Varanasi !

!!! Mahadev !!!