February 27, 2024
In Varanasi, a scooty-riding female teacher was crushed to death by a truck on Ghazipur Road in Nai Basti of Lalpur Pandeypur police station area, killing her on the spot. While taking possession of the truck after the accident, the driver was taken into custody by the police.

Varanasi, Jagran Correspondent. Scooty riding teacher dies after being hit by truck In Varanasi

Accidents continue due to vehicles swaying at high speeds inside the city. In this episode, on Thursday morning, a scooter-riding girl was crushed by a speeding truck on Ghazipur Road in Nai Basti of the Lalpur-Pandeypur police station area. Due to this, he died on the spot. When the police reached the spot, it came to know that the scooty rider Shreya Srivastava, who died after being hit by the truck, is working as a teacher.


In Varanasi on Thursday morning, Scooty-riding teacher Shreya Srivastava (age 24), going from Pandeypur towards Ashapur, died on the spot after being hit by a truck in Pahadiya. After getting information about the accident, people rushed to the spot and by then the female teacher had died. At the same time, after the accident, a huge crowd gathered on the spot, then people informed the police. On reaching the spot, the police identified him as Shreya Srivastava and informed the family members about the accident.


Shreya Sunbeam, a resident of Srinagar Colony, Shivpur, was a teacher in Dalims. On Thursday morning, on his way to school, he was hit by a truck, due to which he died on the spot. On the Naibasti Ghazipur main road of Lalpur-Pandeypur police station area, the truck coming from Pandeypur and the scooty rider Shreya Srivastava came in the grip of the truck. The Lalpur police, who reached the information, took the dead body in possession and sent it to the PM. Along with this, the truck and the driver were also taken into their possession. At the same time, after getting information about the accident, Rakesh Srivastava, the father of the deceased, got worse by crying. Shreya was the eldest of three sisters.


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