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Ganga river

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ganga river

Novel Delhi, Mar 12 (PTI) The water quality of two stretches of the Ganga passing via Bihar and Uttarakhand, which were polluted earlier, has now improved and is of bathing long-established with the biological oxygen ask (BOD), which ascertains the smartly being of a river, figured out to be in test, consistent with respectable facts.

The BOD is a no doubt crucial parameter for assessing water quality. It presents with the volume of oxygen consumption by biological organisms. The decrease the payment, the greater the water quality.

The water quality of the Ganga is classified consistent with the first water quality long-established for launch air bathing, which is when the BOD is decrease than 3 mg per litre, alongside with totally different components.

Per the ideas shared with PTI of the Ganga river water quality comparison between 2015 and 2021, the BOD level of the river flowing via Uttarakhand (Haridwar to Sultanpur) and Bihar (Buxar to Bhagalpur) is below 3 mg per litre, which falls in the unpolluted category.

Even in totally different two stretches of the Ganga flowing in Uttar Pradesh (Kannauj to Varanasi) and West Bengal (Triveni to Diamond Harbour), the BOD level is in the bottom of the air pollution category — category-5 (3-6 mg per litre), Nationwide Mission for Tidy Ganga (NMCG) Director Unique G Asok Kumar mentioned.

Per respectable facts, there became an development in 2021 when put next to 2015, when the BOD of the Ganga flowing via Bihar became in category-2 (7.8-27 mg per litre) and that of the stretch of the river flowing via Uttar Pradesh became in category 3 (3.8-16.9 mg per litre).

However, now no longer grand change became considered in the BOD level of the river flowing via West Bengal between 2015 and 2021. In 2015, the BOD level between Triveni to Diamond Harbour became in category-5 (3.1 to 5.8 mg per litre) and in 2021, it remained in the an identical category with a miniature development in the BOD level, which became recorded between 1.3 and 4.3 mg per litre.

The water bodies which bask in a BOD level of bigger than 6 mg per litre are regarded as as polluted and known for remedial circulation.

Other parameters which can perchance perchance be dilapidated to measure the smartly being of a river are furthermore dependent upon the BOD level. Let’s consider, if the BOD exceeds 6 mg per litre, the dissolved oxygen, which is the volume of oxygen latest in the water, is reduced below the desired ranges. More the dissolved oxygen, better the smartly being of a water body.

Kumar mentioned to pork up the water quality of the river flowing via Uttar Pradesh, especially Kanpur, the focal level is on getting sewage treatment plant life (STPs) working.

“We furthermore figured out that a quantity of business effluents come in in in Kanpur. So we’re now coming out with long-established effluent treatment plant life to care for it. We’re in the center of of rehabilitating plenty of the STPs in these areas too,” he instructed PTI.

Customary effluent treatment plant life (CETPs) are treatment programs particularly designed for collective treatment of effluents generated from small-scale industrial facilities in industrial clusters. PTI UZM RC

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